Feeling Overheated?

Grouchy When You Skip a Meal? 
Easily Angered or Annoyed?
Watch Your Pitta; Here's How... 

Seasonal changes are a time to re-focus and fine tune our eating habits. Checking in with our bodies to ensure our meal times are satisfying and we we feel light and refreshed after eating.
Let's review some simple, yet profound tips for managing the Pitta increase of Summer! 
Breakfast Time:
  • Try cleansing your bowels prior to eating breakfast
    • Try a warm -not hot, not cold- glass of water to help you evacuate the bowels .
  • When making your breakfast cereal & drinks use spices, but don't overdo it with heating spices that can aggravate Pitta
    • Watch amount of cardamom, cinnamon & clove.
    • Be more conservative with black pepper.
    • Soy Milk is very heating and reducing your intake of it as well as yogurt/kefir can be very helpful to aid in the balancing of Pitta during the hot season of Summer.
    • Ginger can however be used to aid digestion of meals
    • Remember to eat breakfast every day & regularly take your herbs.
      • Skipping meals, such as breakfast, is not advised as breaking the fast of sleep means Pitta is still in your body and needs to be used for digesting food. 

Lunch Time:

  • If you notice you are hungry earlier than usual, then listen to your body and change your lunch time accordingly.
    • During Spring you maybe ate at 12:30 or 1, now you may feel you are ready to eat by 11:30 or 12 - Go for it!
    • You can eat some heavier foods first .
    • Remember quality, as in variety, is the key,  not quantity!
      • Feeling satisfied after a meal has more to do with the body getting all the flavors & tastes it needs to feel the meal is complete.
        • Notice that when you eat the same thing every day you may feel disatisfied rather than refreshed; such disatisfaction often leads to over-eating to attain the sense of satisfaction or craving foods that are processed and therefore unhealthy (e.g. candy bar, cookie, coffee, soda).

Snack Time:

  • Have fresh fruit or a fruit juice that is suitable for your dosha rather than candy, sugar or caffeine.
    • This will help curb cravings and allow for you to still enjoy dinner.

Dinner Time:

  • Remember to eat lightly, as the sun goes down, so does the power of our digestion; much like the moon affects the tide, we are affected by nature.
  • Eat so you feel satiated but don't over eat.
    • Try soups, steamed veggies & foods which do not require a lot of digestive power.
    • Avoid fermented products at this meal.
  • Enjoy a slow walk after eating.
  • Wait 2 hours before bed.
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