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Beauty Secrets of India

From Ayurvedic Techniques to Exotic Adornments
by M. Bharadwaj

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Panchakarma – The Ayurvedic Path to Rejuvenation
Panchakarma, the honorable and time-tested Ayurvedic method of applied healing, literally means “five actions.” Each action or method has been designed to eliminate toxins from the body and to nourish the tissues. The name signifies the five primary cleansing methods that purify the body. Each method is completed in three stages: preparatory (purva karma), primary (pradhana karma), and ensuing (paschat karma).

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Ayurveda & Panchakarma
Vedic science also includes yoga, meditation, marma, mantra and astrology to deal with the physical body, mind, soul and emotions. Ayurveda helps the healthy person maintain health and an ailing person regain health. It is both a medical and metaphysical healing science. It includes herbal medicines, diet, lifestyle, home remedies, panchakarma, bodywork, psychology and spirituality.
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Green Mung Bean Soup
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The Three Doshas

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    Panchakarma Retreat
    Looking for complete rejuvenation? Have toxins you want to flush out? Just want to regain your vitality? Then Panchakarma may be for you!

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    New Article: The Healing Powers of Ayurveda Emerge in Scientific Studies
    Science has been discovering what ayurveda has known for thousands of years, that what we eat affects our health and can help prevent illness. Two recent discoveries are: that turmeric, a common spice in curries, helps to prevent cancer and that cinnamon can help prevent diabetes.

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